Benefits of choosing a Co-working space over a traditional office space

Posted by fuel spaces

In a country like India, where people are usually inclined towards traditional business practices, the newly emerging concept of 'start-ups' is a talk of the town. One can count many names such as Ola, Paytm, Swiggy and many more. But, on the other hand, still, many of us are afraid of taking the big steps. What if I don't get a place in my budget, what if I don't get good electricity and internet provider, How will I handle admin issues, How will I concentrate on my work while I am continuously under pressure of cost I am bearing to run this show? Many more queries stand as an obstacle to our dreams coming true!

So, what's the point in wasting money and time for such uncertainty? Here is a sigh of relief for those with ' Dil main Junoon' but less on the budget!!! - Co-working!!!! It is almost the end of the year 2017. India is taking on co-working module, very quickly. Any co-working space is basically a place, where you rent out a desk / an area, on an hourly or monthly basis, for a fixed amount & avail the facilities like wi-fi, printer, meeting room, cafeteria, air-conditioned set up with modern furniture. That too on a fixed budget and as per your need. Only pay for the desk / the area and hours you are using the space. For a person seeking to have his own office space, co-working model is an obvious choice. Co-working spaces give you added advantages to meet new people, networking with co-workers of different fields, keep yourself focused on your work and moreover have fun while working! One cannot forget the financial benefits he/she gets through co-working space. A co-working space can lead to 20-25% cost saving over traditional office spaces. Soon, co-working spaces are becoming a great drive for real estate in India, as many co-working models are owning or renting out whole buildings or complexes. A win-win situation for all!!! Let's be part of bright a future!